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Miró has gone digital,
creating a major attraction for the museum.

The Digitorial “Joan Miró - Painting Walls. Painting Worlds” supports the exhibition of the same name at the SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE Frankfurt in a completely new way. It gives digital and interactive access to art, presenting a responsive website with unexpected interactive elements and forms of presentation that draw empathy, as well as providing users with exclusive background information.

The page offers a great user experience: sensitive scrolling visually focuses on and emphasises key content areas. Here the conception and design are determined entirely by the content. Interactive elements give the user a preview of the exhibition in order to prepare them with the information and facts they need so as to appreciate their visit to the full.

This is almost an art form in itself which will be a bonus for the conventional art lover, but more importantly win over an entirely new clientele. It is likely to attract a younger target group to the museum by virtue of the fact that it offers digital accessibility and state-of- the-art technology.

Monitoring figures and social media responses show that the Digitorial is being very well received as a new medium for conveying knowledge. It builds enthusiasm and provides valuable information around the exhibition. The empathetic and lovingly detailed and yet informatively designed presentation pulls in new and younger target groups. The SCHIRN KUNSTHALLE Frankfurt is seeing a boost in visitor numbers.


  • Informierend

    Informative – The artistic elements of the print campaign have been digitalized to provide a consistent multi-channel presence

  • Kompakt

    Compact – Users can be charmed by the exhibition anywhere– compressed and optimized for desktops, tablets and smartphones

  • Multimedial

    Multimedia – This medium demonstrates a modern method of conveying art history to a younger target group – interactive and entertaining

  • Geheimtipp

    Insider tip (“personal hint“) – The Digitorial sheds light on the facets of a turn-of-the- century artist and offers unexpected insights and fascinating details