Celebrating the 50th birthday of the Fluxus art movement, the Museum Wiesbaden pays tribute to the 1962 „Piano Activities“, a legendary concert in which a grand piano was played in such an unconventional way that in the end it was completely destroyed.

In 2012 the interactive installation „Piano Interactivities“ revives the famous performance. This time online users from all over the wold can control several destructive instruments from the internet to play an ungentle concert on a real piano placed in the Wiesbaden Museum. By creating their own little score, they can remotely trigger a hatchet, hammer or saw and so become a Fluxus artist for 30 seconds.

Please note that the installation is no longer in service.

Instruments of torture: From their Browser online users can remote-control five different tools such as a dropping brick or a wiping saw that noisily scratches the piano’s surface.

The interface follows one of the main principles of fluxus to write detailed instructions for every performance. The website’s design reminds of these scores which were mostly written on typewriter in the 1960s.

A webcam transmits the performance live from the museum, and of course the reactions of the visitors. More than 800 pieces of art have been created in the four weeks exhibition.

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